SF5000 and Seattle’s Single-Family Zoning

For the city of Seattle’s building departments, DPD, own documentation on Single Family Zoning, here is a handy PDF File created by DPD. singlefamilydpds021570

Cliff notes for Seattle’s Single Family Zoning:

Single Family Zoning

A lot Zoned SF5000, simply means Single Family – one house per 5000 Square feet of land.  Likewise SF7200 would be one house per 7200 square feet of land or lot size.  Remember there are acceptations to every rule.

For SF5000, SF 7200, and SF9600 the following apply

Setbacks (in most cases):

  • 5′ yard setback is required
  • 20′ front setback
  • 20% of lot depth for the rear setback

Building height is limited to 25′. BUT, narrow lots height can increase to 30′.  Sloped lots you are allowed sloping lot derivatives and can add an additional 5′.  Steep pitched (Greater then 4:12 pitch) another 5′ is granted.


  • One space per dwelling unit, unless lot is less then 3000 sqft, then zero parking.
  • Parking must be within the structure OR the rear or side yard.  Special circumstances will allow for parking in the front yard.
  • Parking entrance preferred from the alley.
  • If access to parking is off then street then one 10′ curb cut is allowed per 80′ of street

In some neighborhoods, RSL, Residential Small Lot, is allowed:

  • RSL – One house on a 2500 square foot lot
  • RSL/T Tandum houses – two on a 5000 square foot lot
  • RSL/C Cottage Housing – four houses on a 6400 square foot lot.

If you have any questions regarding zoning for your lot, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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